Moving forward with PSA Skin Care Spring 2016

It’s been awhile since I last posted on the blog and figured it was time for an update on what PSA Inc. has been doing and our goals in moving forward this spring and summer.

Now that schools is over and I have moved back home, I can dedicate more of my time on helping PSA Inc. as much as I can and while my time allows me to help.  Being a college student, looking for an internship, and working on a social media campaign can be a lot to manage.  Now that I am home from school I can focus more on the social media campaign and a job.  Everything I do for PSA Inc. on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is to apply what I have learned in my Web creations and Social media class and because I love doing it.

I have neglected to update because it’s hard to see things wrong with it from my perspective.  Getting new insight will help to better fix problems that people have encountered.  There is always ways that we can improve the way we do business and one of the ways that we are starting this is by branding ourselves and getting a new business card and info out there.  There will be more details about that to come.

Being able to work directly with PSA Inc. at their store location will be more convenient as we strive on improving the site and the different social media sites that we use.

Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Links will be listed below.

Happy Spring and good weather to all!




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