How good are your skin care tips?

I read an article this past week about advice that dermatologists have come across that really isn’t advice at all.  One of the things that I learned back in school from one of my teachers is to question everything someone tells you.  Just because you read something on the internet or hear something from a family friend doesn’t make the advice they give you factual and backed by reason and maybe some scientific study.  Take the time to do your research on everything that you read and hear about especially with dieting and skin care and cosmetics.

The article I read listed 11 not entirely true facts about skin care.  I want to talk about a few of them and share my opinion about them.

  1. You should blame your behavior for acne breakouts

Acne is caused by genetics and hormones.  Emotional stress and an unhealthy diet can be a factor of acne but only if it’s too much stress and too much unhealthy eating.

  1. All natural products are safe for your skin

Just because it says all natural doesn’t make the product or the ingredient capable to use.  Some of these products are safe to use while others are not.  All natural plant products act just like chemical products.

  1. Exfoliating daily is important for clear skin

When you exfoliate, you get rid of the dead skin that you don’t need.  Over exfoliating can cause your skin to become irritated and red.  When you exfoliate, make sure you gently clean the skin.

  1. You don’t need to wear sunscreen if you have dark skin

No matter what your skin color is, you need to protect it with sunscreen.  Skin cancer is a common problem for everyone in the world.  It is recommended that no matter what your skin type or skin color you should be wearing sun screen, year round.  That means rain, snow, or sunshine, you should be using sunscreen.

  1. Greasy foods give you greasy skin

Just because you eat greasy foods, doesn’t mean your skin will produce more oil.  High glycemic foods can cause acne.  These foods may act be the causes for oily skin but more research needs to be done first.

These are just few of the false skin care tips that dermatologists have heard.  There are many more on false skin care tips and advice that people will give.  It’s important to do your research.  Look into the advice.  Check to see if it can be backed up with research and data.  Some of the advice people give might work for them but it won’t give you the same results.  Don’t believe anything that you read and hear.  The best thing that you can do for yourself is to try it out and research it.

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