Statistics in the 2015 Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Statistics play a big role in helping any business, industry, or market to analyze data and key trends, draw conclusions, and answer questions about the market.  This past week, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons published data of the previous year in the cosmetics field.

The cosmetic industry is continuing to grow.  In PSA Inc.’s last blog we discussed how men are now joining the cosmetic industry.  Last year alone, there were more than 15.9 million surgical procedures that took place.  All of these procedures took place in the US.  Some of the more popular procedures over the past 15 years have been breast augmentations and facial procedures.

Some other popular surgeries include the buttocks, lower body, and upper arms.  The more procedures that are available give people more options in what they want to do to change their body.  These procedures and others have become more available as the technology has become more developed and then making it more affordable for people to get these treatments done.

The top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures included breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck.  These 5 surgeries consisted of 1.7 million procedures that were done in 2015

The top 5 non-invasive procedures included Botulinum Toxin type A, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.  These procedures accounted for 14.2 million procedures done.  The skin care industry continues to grow.  Procedures that were done grew by 2% since 2014.

What does this mean?

Cosmetic surgeries are popular today.  This growth could lead to more procedures being done in the future and maybe at a lower cost.  Looking at these procedures show what people give and pay attention to on their own bodies.  Some women want bigger breasts, others want a slimmer nose, and a flat tummy.  These procedures help to give us the youthful appearance that we once had and the opportunity to feel good or better about ourselves.  We are two months in to 2016 and there is still a lot to be said about what this year will hold for the cosmetic surgery industry.

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