Men + Botox = “Brotox”

Women have been the primary target for Botox, anti-aging products, and most skin treatments.  There has always been a concern among women to protect their youthful appearance and reduce any lines or wrinkles as they age.  Men are now catching on to the idea of using Botox and other skin care treatments to renew their look and take care of some aging that occurs.

Getting any work done is nothing to be ashamed of.  People do it for a variety of reasons.  These reasons may be because of getting rid of wrinkles, .  I think that women might feel more pressure to get such treatments done because of the influence that media has on people.  I recently learned a new term called metro sexuality.  This means that men take more of an urban look in their appearance by the way the dress and groom themselves.  They are more concerned than other males about beauty treatments and fashionable clothes.

Maybe I’m out of the loop or not paying attention to what men are doing, but I have noticed that they have recently taken a big interest in their overall appearance.  Men use to carry themselves by the way they dressed.  Now men are taking their look to a new level by spending more time with the way their hair is cut and now enhancing certain facial features and eliminating others.

The Botox Cosmetic site has pages of information dedicated to men and Botox procedures, and the results that other men have had.  I think opening up male Botox or “Brotox” is a good idea as it helps to break down boundaries that have been established between male and female procedures.  These stigmas have come about as time has progressed since men and women have been put into certain classes and stereotypes.

If any men are looking to receive some kind of treatment, they should talk to a doctor who has experience working with male patients in the past.  Treatments aren’t always the same between men and women.  The results will vary between the two genders and it’s a good idea to work with a doctor who has done work on men before.

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