What are UV rays doing to your skin?

As people age, they want to do things to prolong or rejuvenate the beauty they had in their youth.  People see the wrinkles, lines, age spots, and other skin blemishes as physical imparities that take away from their natural beauty.  Our skin ages as we get older.  It is also affected by our surroundings.  Doing such things as being in the sun for too long, dry air, smoking, stress, and other factors also causes our skin to age.  Our skin becomes dry, irritated, and itchy because of these issues and also from health problems that we might have.

Skin care companies want to solve these problems that are faced by people every day.  By focusing on the harm that is causing the problems, skin care companies hope to solve some of the major issues.  Skin care companies want to boost the natural defense system of the skin against pollutants.  Back in the day, UV rays used to be a factor facing people and skin care companies.  Companies included UV filters into products to absorb or reflect the UV light that can cause damage to the skin.  Anti-aging creams are the big factors for skin care companies these days.  Many people see that anti-pollution creams and anti-aging creams are similar.

Anti-aging creams made up 28% of all skin care products that were sold back in 2013.  Companies are trying to push these new products out to consumers.  New studies are being done to show that pollutants are causing problems to the skin of people.  The article that I read goes on to explain the ad campaigns that many companies have started to bring awareness to this issue.

I found this article to be very interesting and I would like to do find out more about the studies that are being done and if any progress has been made in proving that such pollutants are causing such problems to occur in people.

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