Latisse. Make your lashes longer and more thick

The topic of the blog this time is about a product called Latisse and is used by Plastic Surgery Aesthetics Inc.  Latisse is meant to provide you with longer lashes.  Women like to have long lashes because it is a symbol of beauty.  Other reasons include; looking more attractive, creates a dramatic effect, more option when applying makeup, and even help with self-esteem.  Women will use fake eyelashes, mascara, and curling to achieve this look of beauty for themselves.

Latisse was created to help women with have better eyelash growth.  This is an FDA approved drug.  Latisse is not a one-time thing to fix your problems.  You apply Latisse each night before you go to bed.  Progress in thicker and longer lashes is most noticeable after 16 weeks of use.  It is also recommended to continue using it after you have reached your goal of longer lashes.

Latisse is a safe product to use on your eyes.  It is important to note that it is a prescription drug.  You need to talk to your eye doctor to make sure that you can use the product without having any adverse side effects.  I tried to find some negative effects from using Latisse.  The only thing that I came across was that it can cause the skin of the applied area on the skin to be darkened and even the color of your eyes darkening.  Another side effect of Latisse is dry eyes.  That can happen if the product gets in your eyes.

For those that want to have longer and thicker lashes, you should take the time to consult with your eye doctor, cosmetologist, dermatologist, or esthetician for more information.  From what I have found, it is a product that can help women achieve their beauty goals.  It is safe to use and the results do happen.

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